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Aerial View, Civic Hall, Calverley Street (City Centre) (4 comments)
Black & White image1950 Aerial view of Leeds Civic Hall. To the left is Calverley Street and Leeds General Infirmary. Woodhouse Lane is in the top right corner. Coming in towards the centre are Fenton Street. The Parade Ground can be seen.
[internal reference; 20031029_11068362:D LIB Central (15)]
Alexander Street, rear of Municipal Buildings. (City Centre)
Colour image19th April 2007. View of Alexander Street showing, on the left, the rear of the Municipal Buildings, home to the Central Library. on the right, across Calverley Street, is a side view of the Town Hall.
[internal reference; 2007123_165522:CL 2007 / Pack 4/18]
Ark Royal Parade, Calverley Street, Ark Royal Guard, Town Hall (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 View shows members of the Ark Royal Guard marching past the Town Hall as they turn onto Calverley Street. Officers wore ceremonial dress for the parade which took place on the 30th Anniversary of the Ark Royal being granted the Freedom of the City of Leeds.
[internal reference; 2004114_57984561:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 23]
Ark Royal Parade, Calverley Street, March Past (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 View shows the Ark Royal Parade, led by the Royal Marines Band, carrying out a March Past Salute which is taken by Captain Adrian Nance OBE and the Lord Mayor Councillor Neil Taggart (both visible on the left).
[internal reference; 2004114_86382693:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 27]
Ark Royal Parade, Royal Marines Band, Calverley Street, Town Hall (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 View shows the Royal Marines Band leading the Ark Royal parade through the City of Leeds. At the head of the band is the Drum Major who carries a ceremonial staff. Band members wear dress uniform including white pith helmets. The march passes Leeds Town Hall as it progresses along Calverley Street.
[internal reference; 2004114_64425296:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 24]