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Location - Leeds & District

Britannia Road, junction with High Street (Morley)
Black & White image16th June 1983. View of Britannia Road showing the junction with High Street to the left. Just visible on the far left is the Stump Cross public house. No.159 High Street is on the opposite corner. Further to the right is a terrace of houses numbered 133-139 Britannia Road, with the rear of houses on Cardigan Avenue seen behind.
[internal reference; 2012123_174200:S LIC BRIT 5]
Cardigan Avenue , Air raid shelter (Burley) (1 comment)
Black & White image15th October 1940. Image shows Mrs. Gertrude Mabel Fawcett as she sits reading a magazine at her table in the strengthened coal cellar of number 11 Cardigan Avenue. Mrs Fawcett and her husband have gone to great lengths to make their air raid shelter as comfortable as possible. The small space, measuring about 6'(1.80 metres) by 8'(2.40 metres), has been wall-papered in a floral pattern and adorned with pictures. The table is covered by a cloth on which a vase of flowers is arranged. There are comfortable chairs and an electric light fitting. Cases, most probably containing gas masks can be seen hung on the wall, left. This shelter was one of many in Leeds inspected by the A.R.P. Committee and the Chairman, Councillor H. W. Sellers, praised the couple in a report which appeared in the Yorkshire Evening News.
[internal reference; 200293_18360537:C LIX Card (1)]
Cardigan Avenue, Air raid Shelter (Burley) (1 comment)
Black & White image15th Oct 1940 View of Mrs. Gertrude Mabel Fawcett reading her magazine, 'True Story', in the strengthened coal cellar of number 11 Cardigan Avenue. The tiny space, used as an air raid shelter, has been transformed by a few homely touches. Mr. and Mrs. Fawcett have papered the walls and hung pictures. There is even a table compete with tablecloth and vase of flowers. On the wall there are three cases which most likely contain gas masks. This air raid shelter featured in the Yorkshire Evening News after it had been inspected by the A.R.P. Committee. The Chairman of the commitee, Councillor H. W. Sellers commented: 'It is a grand piece of work. We only wish other people would make the same sort of effort instead of rushing to the Corporation with trivial complaints.'
[internal reference; 200293_43751162:C LIX CARD (2)]
Cardigan Avenue, Air raid Shelter (Burley)
Black & White image15th October 1940 View of Mr. and Mrs. Fawcett posing in their strengthened coal cellar, used as an air raid shelter, at number 11 Cardigan Avenue. The very small space, only 6'(1.80 metres) by 8'(2.40) metres, has been given every creature comfort including cheerful wallpaper, decorative pictures, soft furnishings, flowers, an attractive electric light and a heater. There is a cot for the baby and a table and chairs. Mr. and Mrs. Fawcett are demonstrating how comfortable they can be in their shelter with some reading material to keep them occupied. There are three cases hung on the wall probably containing gas masks. This air raid shelter attracted the attention of the A.R.P. Committee during one of their inspections. It then appeared in a newspaper article (The Yorkshire Evening News) where the positive efforts of the Fawcetts' were praised by the Chairman of the committee, Councillor H. W. Sellers. They were an example of how people could 'use their own ingenuity to make them (shelters) homely'. He went on to say that many people who had initially refused to allow the Corporation to install shelters for their homes had since demanded them 'as soon as trouble came'.
[internal reference; 200294_2560061:C LIX CARD (3)]
Cardigan Avenue, Kirkstall Road, nos.319/321 (Burley) (2 comments)
Black & White image3rd May 1967 View from Kirkstall Road to Cardigan Avenue on the left. A campaign poster for council election is on the wall, it reads 'Frank Marshall's team will get Leeds moving. Vote Conservative. Newton for Kirkstall'. On Kirkstall Road is a shop selling wallpaper, paint and other decorating supplies. The numbers are 319/321, the name Wilson is over the shop. On the right, the end of Cardigan Grove can just be seen. Haddon Road was considered to be the boundary between Burley and Kirkstall in this area, so the Cardigan Streets were just into Burley.
[internal reference; 200323_68926639:WYAS (Cardigan Terrace) Box no 28, no 62]