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Location - Leeds & District

Cardigan Fields, panorama (Armley)
Black & White imagec.1970. View across the Cardigan Fields area from Canal Road. To the left is Armley Mills, owned by Bentley and Tempest, moving right the cooling towers of Kirkstall Power Station can be seen in the background. Prices Taylors Ltd. clothing factory is to the right of the towers. Moving right the Refuse Disposal depot is to the right then in the centre right David Dixon and Son, woollen manufacturers at Cardigan Mills. To the right of the mills is Milford Place with G & R Robinson, linen manufacturers at Milford Place Works in the foreground. In the background Burley New Mills can be seen with Burley Vale Mills to the extreme right. Of the nine chimneys visible in this photograph only the one at Armley Mills now remains.
[internal reference; 200358_27900332:Leeds Museums Armley 42]
Prices Tailors Ltd., Cardigan Crescent (Burley) (22 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Prices Tailors Ltd. located off number 299 Kirkstall Road on Cardigan Crescent. This is a huge complex stretching as far as the River Aire which is towards the top edge. At the bottom edge red brick streets of back-to-back housing are visible in the Lennox's and the Roseberry's. Red brick streets coming in from the right-hand side are off Kirkstall Road and are, from the top, Cardigan Mount, Cardigan View, Cardigan Crescent and Cardigan Row. Above and to the right of these streets is an area of open ground, the last vestige of the original Cardigan Fields and known to locals simply as "the field". Prices Tailors Ltd was founded in Leeds in 1905 by Henry Price (1877-1963). This factory was built in 1923 in Lennox Road but was extended as far as Cardigan Crescent in the 1930s. In 1932 the firm became known as the Fifty Shilling Tailors. Mass production meant that the price of a suit at 50 shillings had become affordable to the working man, but, in 1935 the value of 50 shillings (£2.50) was around the equivalent of £90 in todays money. Henry Price had over 500 shops and several factories employing 12,000 staff. On his retirement in 1954 he sold the firm to John Collier. The site of the clothing factory is now that of Cardigan Fields Leisure and Entertainment Complex.
[internal reference; 2012213_173274:LEO 5839]
River Aire, Cardigan Fields (Kirkstall) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1976-81. View shows the River Aire as it turns a corner by the weir at Cardigan Fields. Kirkstall Power Station is in the background with chimneys and cooling towers visible.
[internal reference; 201286_173930:LEO 6899]