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Modder Place, looking towards Modder Avenue (Armley) (5 comments)
Black & White image1963 to 1965. A little girl poses for a photograph with her mother in Modder Place. She was born there in 1954, the youngest of six girls, in a two bedroomed, back-to-back, red brick terraced home, number 18 Modder Place. The row of terrace can be seen on the left-hand side. Modder Avenue runs across the background between Station Road and Carr Crofts. On the right is Blakey's Malleable Castings, or Blakey's Boot Protectors Ltd. The firm made rubber soles, heels, toe plates for shoes and boots and belt fasteners. The large buildings are marked on maps as 'Carr Crofts, Armley Iron Works. The more modern building in the background is Blakey's also. At the other end of Modder Place, behind the factory are the railway lines and nearby Armley Moor Station. The station closed in 1966.
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