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Aerial View of Cross Gates Carriage/Works during fire incident (Cross Gates) (9 comments)
Black & White image29th March, 1975 Aerial view of Cross Gates Carriage Works on Manston Lane, the firm of Charles H. Roe. A small fire is being attended to by several engines. Nine metro buses worth £120,000 each had to be pushed to safety. Charles H Roe's company was formed in 1916. After closure in the 1980's new investment was generated and buses are still being built here under the name of Optare Lted. Curving down from the right edge is Manston Lane. Barnbow Royal Ordnance factory is bottom right. People can be seen walking along the path on the site of the dismantled railway line which runs from top to bottom, left. Running parallel with it are houses and gardens in Pendas Way.
[internal reference; 2007731_164347:N LIP ROE (1)]
Austhorpe Road, Charles H. Roe Ltd, Cross Gates Carriage Works, Utility Ambulance (rear view) (Cross Gates)
Black & White imageUndated A rear view of a utility ambulance converted by the firm of Charles H. Roe Ltd. at Cross Gates Carrage Works in Austhorpe Road. Private individuals donated their cars, which involved sawing off the rear part of the body and replacing it with a simpler body incorporating a folding canvas rear cover. Here there is a provision for four strechers to convey injured civilians to hospital. Among the hundreds of ambulances turned out in this way, many went to Leeds Corporation to assist in the aftermath of air raids.
[internal reference; 200469_17232912:TL4B Roe 6]
Benson Street, yard of (Sheepscar)
Black & White image25th October 1905. View shows a cobbled yard with semi-derelict one storey brick and wood buildings off Benson Street. A carriage is partially visible on the left and two metal buckets are on the left. The picture was taken prior to the improvements in the Sheepscar/Roseville Road area.
[internal reference; 8987:CLIC Benson 1]
Bramley Carnival, procession (Bramley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows a decorated horse-drawn carriage taking part in the procession at Bramley Carnival, watched by crowds gathered along Town Street. The first official Bramley Carnival was held in 1892 but it may have dated back to around 1865 unofficially. It is believed to have originated from Friendly Society Walks which were an annual event in the 19th century. There were several Friendly Societies in the town and on one occasion in the mid 1800s it is said that two Society Walks met head on in Town Street, with the bands leading each parade trying to outplay each other. The event is remembered as the 'Bramley Clash' and is believed to be the forerunner of the Carnival.
[internal reference; 2011128_173019:Bramley Library, Bramley Carnival no.1]
Briggate, looking north from the railway bridge (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White image1885. Engraving shows streets thronged with people, also horses and carriages and several trams.
[internal reference; 8997:LIC Briggate (2) (browsing neg no 393)]