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Location - Leeds & District

Chantrell Grove nos. 1 - 7 (Richmond Hill) (6 comments)
Black & White image4th July 1963. This image shows a row of back-to-back terraced houses with a shared outside toilet block entrance on the right. On the left at number 188 York Road is the T. Carter provisions and supplies store where posters above the store promote Robinsons Lemon Barley.
[internal reference; 200391_49798220:WYAS(Temple View Road)Box 110/1 No.2]
Chantrell Grove, Chantrell Place (Richmond Hill) (2 comments)
Black & White image4th July 1963. On the left of the image is Chantrell Grove. On the corner is Farley's stores advertising Dura-glit, Cherry Blossom and Mansion polishes , as well as Daz at 1/8d, cassarole meat at 1/9d, Lucozade at 2/6d, Nescafe at 2/3d, Ambrosia rice at 10d and Kellogs Corn Flakes at 1/5½d. Goods are visible stacked in the window. On the right are numbers 1 to 7 Chantrell Place, a row of back to back terraced houses with a car, reg: 705 DUM parked outside number 20.
[internal reference; 200391_77048892:WYAS(Temple View Road)Box 110/1 No.3]
Chantrell Place (Richmond Hill) (1 comment)
Black & White image7th November 1938 Looking from Chantrell Grove towards Chantrell Place. Number 6 Chantrell Grove, fried fish shop, occupied by J.M. Mather. Number 4, sweet and grocery shop, owner Mrs Cecilia Farley. Chantrell Place, block of three storey houses, dormer windows to upper floor. Lower floors have bay windows which extend to porch canopies. There are small gardens. Advertisements on shop front include Lux soap flakes, Lyons Tea. A gas lamp is on the corner, washing is hanging across the street to dry.
[internal reference; 200243_62290591:C LIC Chant (1)]
Chantrell Place, looking towards Chantrell Street (Richmond Hill) (1 comment)
Black & White image7th November 1938. View down Chantrell Place looking towards Chantrell Street from the direction of Chantrell Grove. This part of the locality was to be included in the York Road improvement scheme. These are the backs of brick properties which front York Road. Outbuildings can be seen in some of the yards. The properties in this row are numbered from 182 to 186 York Road, (from left to right). Across the junction with Chantrell Street back-to-back terraced homes in Berking Terrace are visible on the extreme left. Some of the properties in York Road, backing on to Chantrell Place, near the junction with Chantrell Street had been demolished by 1950 as they do not appear on a map of that year.
[internal reference; 200243_44321841:C LIC Chant (3)]
York Road, looking west (Richmond Hill)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows York Road looking west towards Leeds, with the south side of the road visible, at the junction with Chantrell Grove. On the corner at 186 and 184A is William Perkin, drapers, then Anson Walker, butcher, at number 182. A carriage trailer can be seen, possibly making deliveries, and on the right, the side of a building carries an advertisement for James & John Clayton, Painters & Paper Hangers, whose premises are further towards Leeds at numbers 56-62 York Road.
[internal reference; 20171117_176362:LEO 8756]