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Fanny Pit Check Office (Rothwell)
Black & White imagec1950. Miners at Fanny Pit, Rothwell, are pictured collecting their wage tally from the first window, allowing them to draw their wages from the second window. The four men on the right are, from right, Les Fox, Albert Peat, Reg Share, and Joe Cochrane. Fanny Pit was situated off Bullough Lane, north of Rothwell Haigh, and owned by J.J. Charlesworth until nationalisation in 1948. Previously known as Midland Pit, it became known as Fanny Pit from 1911 when a new shaft was sunk. The pit closed in 1983, and the area is now part of Rothwell Country Park.
[internal reference; 201846_176562:LEO 8949]
Old Charlesworth coke and coal depot, Collecting coal (Robin Hood)
Black & White image8th January 1971 A miner and his family collecting concessionary coal. Children helped their parents fill sacks as miners collected orders that were up to six weeks overdue as a result of an overtime ban. A national pit strike was due to begin at midnight and this was the last chance to pick up fuel before it began. There was a queue a mile long to the depot.
[internal reference; 2002910_72678775:WYAS 178]
Rose Pit, coal wagons (Rothwell)
Black & White imagec1918. View showa the railway sidings of Rose Pit (Rothwell Haigh Colliery) looking south across the village. The sidings linked into the main East & West Yorkshire Union Railway. The coal wagons bear the name J&J Charlesworth, colliery owners prior to nationalisation in 1946 - Rose Pit was named after one of the owners' daughters. Holy Trinity Church and the building of Manor Farm can be seen on the left, and the pit buildings would have been just out of view on the right.
[internal reference; 2018421_176590:LEO 8981]
Rothwell Fanny Pit, group photograph (Rothwell) (3 comments)
Black & White image1983. Miners on the afternoon shift at Rothwell Fanny Pit pose for a group photograph. Fanny Pit was the last of the collieries owned by the Fentons and Charlesworths and it produced coal from 1867 until its closure on 9th December 1983. The Charlesworth family were the owners until the coal mines were nationalised in 1948. Fanny Pit was named so after one of the Charlesworth daughters. There was also 'Rose Pit' and 'Jane Pit' named after two other daughters. Pit ponies were used for haulage and there were 160 stabled at Fanny Pit in 1922. The last one gained its freedom in 1972 and retired to live on a farm. Two years after Fanny Pit ceased production the buildings underwent demolition and the shafts were capped.
[internal reference; 2006823_161827:LEO 1296]
Victoria Inn, Hunslet Road (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows a large group of men, all in bowler hats, outside the Victoria Inn on Hunslet Road. The inn was situated on the north-east side of Hunslet Road, at the junction with Victoria Street. The name above the door is Albert Edwin Charlesworth, who was licensee from about 1887 to 1905. The area was redeveloped in the 1970s, and is now occupied by industrial buildings.
[internal reference; 2018114_176436:LEO 8837]