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Location - Leeds & District

Chesney Grove no. 1A, Hillidge Place nos.13 and 15 (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White image7th August 1964. Number 1A Chesney Grove is on the left. Hillidge Place is the road going off to the right, with numbers 13 and 15 in the centre of the view. On the far right is the factory of the Richmond Machine Tool Company Ltd. Until 1960 this was Midgley & Sutcliffe's Hillidge Engineering Works, owned by the Haithwaite family; it was then bought by George Cohen's 600 Group who renamed it.
[internal reference; 2003319_51635379:WYAS (Anchor St) Box no. 5/3, no.446]
Chesney Grove no.s 1, 3. Hillidge Place no. 22 (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White image5th August 1964. Number 22 Hillidge Place is occupied by the Harry Webb Clothing Club. Moving right are numbers 1 then 3 Chesney grove.
[internal reference; 2003318_76293582:WYAS (Anchor Street) Box no.5/3, no.436]
Chesney Grove no.s 16-22 (Hunslet)
Black & White image5th August 1964. Section of Chesney Grove, number 22 is on the left, followed to the right in descending order by other numbers.
[internal reference; 2003318_14999026:WYAS (Anchor Street) Box no.5/3, no.440]
Chesney Grove no.s 17-23 (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Black & White image5th August 1964. View of Chesney Grove, a street of back-to-back houses. Number 17 is on the left, moving right 19, 21 and 23 follow in sequence.
[internal reference; 2003318_1923769:WYAS (Anchor Street) Box no.5/3, no.439]
Chesney Grove no.s 24, 26 (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White image5th August 1964. Two houses at the end of Chesney Grove, on the left is number 26, then 24 on the right.
[internal reference; 2003318_4322451:WYAS (Anchor Street) Box no.5/3, no.441]