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Adel Church, South Porch (Adel)
Colour imageDecember 1963. A Christmas wreath decorates the door of the South porch of Adel Church. The roof of the porch has been given a protective covering in recent years. The elaborate carvings date from the Norman period and include representations of the four Evangelists. The arched doorway has clear examples of designs seen in Norman carving, Zig-Zags, cheverons, dog-tooth and beals. The door was remade in the nineteenth century (1879) and is copied from what was thought to be the original. The sanctuary ring was made in York C.1200.
[internal reference; 2006117_160350:LEO 915]
Barley Hill Road School, Christmas concert (Garforth) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1949-50. View shows children from Barley Hill Road School who took part in a Christmas concert around 1949 or 1950. The photograph was supplied by Marjorie Dobbins, who names the pupils as:- Top Row, L to R: Colin Mountford, Kenneth Todd, John Hemsworth, Keith Warner, Ralph Panther, Keith Dale, Tony Norman, Molly Johnson, Gerald Harrison; 2nd Row, L to R: Susan Holinrake, Josephine Balderson, Dorothy Richardson, Christopher Rossall, Irene Wilkinson, Stephen Bullough, Valerie Walker, Pat Stout; 3rd Row, L to R: Norma Sneyd, Muriel Lambert, Sylvia Brown, Pat Benton, Sandra Smith, Graham Wilson, Mavis Hands; Bottom Row, L to R: Michael Frost, Phyllis Kemp, Pamela Capper, Brian Jubb, Kenneth Moot, Brian Wheatley, Margaret Firth, Marjorie Hill, Avril Rumford. Barley Hill Road School opened in February 1907 and closed c2007 when pupils were transferred to new PFI school Strawberry Fields Primary School.
[internal reference; 20141023_175299:LEO 7953]
Briggate looking south (City Centre)
Colour image1997. View of Briggate looking south showing the Christmas lights.
[internal reference; 2008218_166159:LEO 2753]
Briggate, Father Christmas and Lord Mayor (City Centre) (2 comments)
Colour imageDecember 1997 Councillor Linda Middleton, Lord Mayor of Leeds 1997-98, is seen on Briggate with Father Christmas and a pony pulling a sleigh, collecting for the charity Childline. Marks & Spencer can be seen in the background, with the Works bookshop to the right. Councillor Middleton represented Middleton ward between 1986 and 2002.
[internal reference; 2007724_164243:SRF 352 LEE VOL.6 (LEO 1366)]
Christmas Decorations in Scarth Gardens, Scatcherd Park, Scatcherd Hill and on Morley Town Hall (Morley) (2 comments)
Colour imageDecember 1966. Image shows Christmas decorations in Scarth Gardens, Scatcherd Park, Scatcherd Hill and on Morley Town Hall taken just after dusk. Headlights and tail lights of vehicles on Scatcherd Hill can be seen, whereas the outline of vehicles not moving can be seen in full light. Bulbs at a low level were subject to vandalism so, as time went by, the Christmas decorations were put at a higher level and even the Christmas trees on the Town Hall steps were abandoned. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 20051011_35108584:Morley M 56]