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Clarence Dock (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Colour image26th September 1999. View of Clarence Dock looking towards Crown Point Bridge. A British Waterways sign states that the Royal Armouries Museum is on the left.
[internal reference; 2002328_50303286:MIL 20/6]
Clarence Dock (Hunslet)
Colour imageView of Clarence Dock (or new) Dock. Royal Armouries is on the left, narrow boats are visible.
[internal reference; 200295_52039737:mil 21]
Clarence Dock (Hunslet)
Black & White imageUndated. Clarence Dock, the terminus for the Aire & Calder Navigation Canal, showing the weir. This photograph was taken in the 1970s before the area was redeveloped. In 1996 the Royal Armouries was opened to the right of the image, and Clarence Dock is now a focus for city living with luxury apartments and leisure facilities. Photograph courtesy of Stephen Howden.
[internal reference; 200616_160240:LEO 838]
Clarence Dock, looking south (City Centre)
Colour imageUndated. Image shows Clarence Dock, the terminus of the Aire and Calder Navigation Canal, before the development of the area which included the Royal Armouries Museum, to be built on the left bank as looking from this view point. The Royal Armouries opened in 1996.
[internal reference; 20071016_164953:LEO 2181]
Clarence Dock, looking South (City Centre)
Colour imageUndated. View of Clarence Dock, the terminus for the Aire and Calder Navigation Canal, looking South.
[internal reference; 2007117_165213:LEO 2219]