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Location - Leeds & District

Back Queen Square (Little London) (1 comment)
Black & White image15th November 1968. The junction of Back Queen Square and Clay Pit Lane. The road and path are unmade, and the wall on the right is crumbling. An oil drum stands on the corner. Some men are standing on the pavement, and further along there is a bulldozer on the road. An office block is in the distance.
[internal reference; 6650:CLIB Queen 9]
Clay Pit Lane (City Centre)
Colour image17th September 1999.The Coburg Bar viewed from Clay Pit Lane. Two people are crossing the road, a car is visible turning into Clay Pit Lane.
[internal reference; 10180:MIL 8/28]
Clay Pit Lane (City Centre)
Colour image17th September 1999.Coburg Bar on Clay Pit Lane. White gazebo has been erected behind the pub with chairs & tables outside.
[internal reference; 10181:MIL 8/26]
Clay Pit Lane (Little London) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, Photo dating from around 1960. Cobden View is on the left. On Clay Pit Lane numbers 25 to 27 is an off licence shop, business of Edgar Armitage. On the right edge, the corner of an electricity sub-station is visible, this is situated at the corner of Carlton Hill Barracks.
[internal reference; 20031127_11828249:WYAS Park Lane, Box 88, no. 53]
Clay Pit Lane (Little London)
Black & White image4th January 1961 In the centre of this view is a large pale coloured industrial building which is the premises of R. and W. Dunne and Co Ltd, wholesale cloth manufacturers, clothiers and woollen merchants at number 28a Clay Pit Lane. On the left edge, the entrance to S.H. Sharp and Sons, fabric printers at Grove Works is visible.
[internal reference; 2003728_13070315:WYAS St George's Terrace (Camp Road) Box 98 no. 1]