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Location - Leeds & District

Bellbrooke Avenue, number 1 (Harehills) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1930s. View of number 1 Bellbrooke Avenue in the snow. This is a substantial, brick-built house, located between Foundry Approach and Coldcotes Avenue, near St. Cyprian's Church. In the 1930s the occupant of Bellbrooke House offered board and lodgings to actors and other people connected with the theatre while they were playing in Leeds. To the left, terraced homes in Trafford Avenue are visible. Image courtesy of Ron Davies.
[internal reference; 201046_170537:LEO 4860]
Coldcotes Avenue nos. 45 and 47 (Harehills) (2 comments)
Black & White image11th May 1936 Pair of semi-detached houses, bay windows to upper and lower floors. Windows and doors have stained glass panels, typical in design for the period. Number 47 is the home of the Granelli family, well known in Leeds as ice-cream makers. In this view, an ice-cream cart is in the garden with a lady serving customer. Sapling trees planted on grass verge.
[internal reference; 2002425_14277285:C LIE Cold (1)]
Harehills Park Cottages, Harehills Park (Harehills)
Black & White image14th November 1934. View of Harehills Park Cottages looking south. They are known locally as Park House and Park Cottage and are located in Harehills Park adjacent to one of the bowling greens. The hedge at the left hand side borders the bowling green. The garden is cultivated and there are some outhouses to the right. The semi detached houses in the background, right, are situated in Coldcotes Avenue.
[internal reference; 2002515_251406:C LIE Gipton (1)]
St Cyprian and St James, Bellbrooke Avenue (Harehills) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of the church of St Cyprian and St James, located in Bellbrooke Avenue at the junction with Coldcotes Avenue. This brick church replaced a temporary wooden structure dating from 1903. The closure of St James's Church in Cross York Street in 1949 meant that a new parish was created, that of St Cyprian and St James. This new Church was built in 1959. The Abbot and Smith organ, the pulpit, communion table, lectern and the Bishop's chair , now housed in the modern church, originally belonged to the church of St James. Linked to St Cyprian and St James is a recently built chuch hall (2007).
[internal reference; 2011726_172470:LEO 5466]