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Air Raid Shelter (Harehills)
Black & White image12th November 1938. Stanley Road Harehills. Air Raid Shelter, at Leeds Corporation Refuse Destructor under construction, showing interior brickwalls and roof beams. The site of the Leeds Corporation Refuse Destructor is between Stanley Road and Florence Street, with the latter over the wall to the right. In the background are several 2 wheeled carts and a van. To the left, out of view was the Tramway depot along the north west boundary of the site with tracks exiting the building into Stanley Road. This later became a diinfestation centre by 1971. The refuse destructor is in the centre of the site to the left.
[internal reference; 572:CLIB Stan 18]
Briggate Junction, Low Fields Road Corporation Yard (Beeston)
Black & White image1937. View of the tram track of Briggate Junction when it was laid out in the Corporation Yard at Low Fields Road in 1937.
[internal reference; 2011127_173005:LQ 388 L517/112]
Brooklands Avenue, Cedarwood Corporation Houses (Seacroft) (4 comments)
Black & White imagec1967. Close up of the front of houses numbered 118 (right) and 120 (left), believed to be Brooklands Avenue.
[internal reference; 9631:browsing neg no 668]
Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Interior View (Morley)
Colour imageDecember 1966. Image shows the interior of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, the first specifically built Roman Catholic Church in Morley, with entrances from Corporation Street and Westfield Road. The church was completed about 1900 and has celebrated its centenary. This photograph shows some Christmas decoration, e.g. the crib of the scene in the stable at the birth of Jesus. At a later date the altar was moved further forward towards rhe worshippers and several changes have been made to the other church embellishments. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 20051012_70202273:Morley M 69]
Church of the Nazarene (Pentecostal), Albion Street (Morley)
Colour image27th June 1984. Image shows part of the frontage of the Church of the Nazarene, the Pentecostal church, in Albion Street taken around the time it was to be demolished. The elaborate stone carving over the doorway can be seen. On the evening of Monday 2nd January 1984 the church was hit by gales of 80 m.p.h. and suffered severe and irreparable damage. The roof, a structure of 80 feet, was ripped off the building and dumped onto the adjoining Sunday School. Debris was scattered all over the surrounding area, which is the site of Morrison's car park, and a woman narrowly escaped serious injury from flying slates etc. She was treated for minor injuries. The damage to the church was estimated at £500,000 and so the church authorities were forced to come to the decision that demolition was inevitable and a new Church of the Nazarene would need to be constructed. The existing site was retained for the new Church of the Nazarene. Buildings in the section of Albion Street between Corporation Street and Queen Street were cleared by 1972 to make way for the building of the new Morrison's supermarket and the Windsor Court shopping precinct in 1973. Only the Church of the Nazarene remained standing and so, as this part of Albion Street no longer existed, the church became surrounded by car parking. A new link road was constructed, during the same period as the precinct was built, which became known as Queensway.
[internal reference; 20051012_99372501:S LIJ CHUR (MORL) 6]