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Briggate (City Centre)
Black & White imagec1967. View looking down Briggate. Boots the chemist, and Dolcis Shoes are among the shops visible on the right hand side. County Arcade is on the left hand side. Several clocks are also visible on the sides of the buildings. Cars, a bus and lorries are on the street. People can be seen walking along the pavements.
[internal reference; 9591:browsing neg no 645]
Briggate, County Arcade entrance (City Centre)
Colour imageMay 2005. Close-up view of the entrance to the County Arcade on Briggate. The arcade was designed by Frank Matcham, who was also the architect of the Empire Palace Theatre. The date of 1900 is displayed above the name. This arcade now forms part of Victoria Quarter.
[internal reference; 2007717_164141:LEO 1921]
Briggate, east side, showing the entrance to Wood Street (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image1897. View of the east side of Briggate, showing the entrance to Wood Street, where the two men can be seen chatting towards the left. This was shortly to be redeveloped and the scheme, when it was discussed in the Leeds Mercury in 1896, was expected to cost £300,000. It involved reconstructing and widening Wood Street, from Briggate to Vicar Lane, to 36 feet, removing the arches at each end and creating 12 shops, an arcade, which at that time was to be called the Imperial Arcade, and a Palace of Varieties. The locality was to become the site of the County Arcade and the Empire Theatre. At the left edge is Anderson Brothers, shoemakers, at number 104 Briggate, then, with the sun canopy, is Joe Milnes, tobacconist at 105. Next is Parkers Temperance Hotel, straddling the entrance to Wood Street, with a doorway to the right of the archway. Parker's Restaurant serves chops and steaks from the grill, breakfasts and luncheons. Beyond Parker's there is a flurry of activity where a small crowd has gathered. It was the 'last day' of an exhibition (wording illegible), admission, one penny. This may have been an exhibition showing the proposed development of the area. The large poster on the far right appears to be announcing the new scheme. As well as Parker's, another restaurant at number 109 is that of John Gledhill,'Gledhill's Dining Rooms', also serving chops and steaks. Photography by Wormald of Leeds.
[internal reference; 7976:LIC Briggate 14 (browsing neg no 37) & Wormald, Old Leeds Views, part 2, no.23, SRF 914.2819 WOR & also in Old Leeds Views, Part 1, Page 16, SRF 914.2819 WOR ]
Briggate, postcard (City Centre)
Colour imagec1906. Colour-tinted postcard with a postmark of 1906 showing Briggate looking south. On the left is the entrance to County Arcade with Queen Victoria Street further along, all now part of the Victoria Quarter. On the right are Hope Brothers Ltd., hosiers, Dale and Walker's mantle warehouse with a large sign above, then J. Henderson's mantle warehouse at no. 71.
[internal reference; 2011117_171687:Artemis Pack 6 (Briggate) no.16]
Briggate, showing the entrances to Bay Horse Yard and White Hart Yard (City Centre) (10 comments)
Black & White image1888. View of the east side of Briggate, showing Bay Horse Yard (left) and White Hart Yard. In the centre, at numbers 98 and 99, Smith Brothers, General and Fancy drapers is visible where a group of women wearing plaid shawls around their heads and shoulders are looking in the window. On the far right, at number 100, are W. Kettlewell & Son, carpet warehousemen. This is a photograph of about 1888 showing what was to be part of the site of the County Arcade (numbers 37 to 101), work of which started in 1898. It was built on the site of White Hart Yard, the entrance to which can be seen on the right of the photograph. County Arcade, designed by theatre architect, Frank Matcham, is now part of the prestigious shopping complex, the Victoria Quarter. The older Ordnance Survey maps show the site of the Market Cross, demolished in 1825, in the centre of Briggate roughly between Bay Horse and White Hart Yards. Horse-drawn carriages occupy the foreground. The photograph was taken from the west side of Briggate by Wormald of Leeds.
[internal reference; 7978:LIC Briggate 3 (browsing neg no 39) & Old Leeds Views, Part 2, number 25, SRF 914.2819 WOR]