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Cragside Place, Hawksworth Wood Estate (Hawksworth LS5) (3 comments)
Black & White image15th March 1928. View of Cragside Place, just off Vesper Road, and leading to Cragside Walk at the other end. These are Council houses on the Hawksworth Estate, with wooden paling, concrete and wire fences around the front gardens.
[internal reference; 484:CLIB Hawks 12]
Hawksworth Wood Primary School, day trip (Hawksworth LS5) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1952/53. Image shows a smiling group of Hawksworth Wood Primary School, or Council School as it was known then, pupils pictured with their teacher in front of a Wallace Arnold coach. The location is actually Bolton Bridge, near Bolton Abbey in North Yorkshire, but it shows these Leeds school children looking as if they are having a good time on their day trip. From left to right on the front row are; Brenda Keeble, Jeff Covey, Ann Vollens, Trevor Davis and Gordon Little. Of the boys standing, from right to left this time are; John Brooks, Mick Webster, Peter Gabbitas, Graham Booth (half hidden), Dougy Walker, Roger Fitzpatrick and Ken Baldwin (wearing a cap). The tall girl with blond hair standing at the back is Janet Littlejohn. Hawksworth Wood Primary School is situated in Cragside Walk. Image courtesy of Ken Baldwin.
[internal reference; 201146_171992:LEO 5353]
Hawksworth Wood Primary School, Day Trip (Hawksworth LS5) (2 comments)
Black & White imagec1952/53. Group photograph showing children from Hawksworth Wood Primary School (or Council School as it was then known) with their teacher, Mr. Walkington (in the background). The photo was actually taken at Bolton Bridge, near Bolton Abbey in North Yorkshire but has been included on Leodis as they are Leeds pupils. At the front, from left to right are; Gordon Little, Brenda Keeble and Fred Reynard (with cap, behind Brenda. In the centre front is Peter Gabbitas, then John Brooks and Ann Vollens. The boy with the helmet is Trevor Davis and Roger Fitzpatrick is at the end on the far right. Lily Costins is third in from the left at the back and Ian Frobisher is putting his tongue out in the centre. To the right of him is Graham Booth and Janet Littlejohn is standing at the back. The three boys all wearing caps and standing together are Mick Webster, Jeff Covey and Ken Baldwin. Dougy Walker is wearing a belted raincoat. Hawksworth Wood Primary School is situated in Cragside Walk. Image courtesy of Ken Baldwin.
[internal reference; 201146_171993:LEO 5354]