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Hansby Grange and York Road, from Seacroft Gate flats (Seacroft)
Colour image28th February 2013. View looking down from the high-rise flats of Seacroft Gate, showing the smaller flats of Hansby Grange in the centre foreground. This is the block containing nos. 18 to 25, while the one containing nos. 9 to 17 is partially seen on the far left. Hansby Bank is on the far side of the flats. York Road is on the right, with Deacon House, part of Leeds City College, visible on the corner with Seacroft Avenue. The Green can be seen in the background with St. James's Church at the far edge.
[internal reference; 2014127_174849:LEO 7786]
Seacroft aerial view (Seacroft)
Black & White image1962. Aerial view of Seacroft looking west. An area has been cleared in the centre for the building of Seacroft town centre, flanked by Seacroft Avenue, Seacroft Crescent and North Parkway; the latter winds around to the top centre of the photo. York Road runs up to the centre from the bottom right, passing between the two tower blocks of Seacroft Gate. Other tower blocks seen higher up are, from left, Brooklands Towers, Bailey Towers and Ramshead Heights; Queensview is yet to be built.
[internal reference; 2010727_171023:C LIB SEACROFT 25]
Seacroft Avenue, Bus Station (Seacroft) (3 comments)
Black & White imagec1960s. View of the recently built Seacroft Bus Station, part of the new Seacroft Town Centre in the 1960s. Seacroft Avenue is on the left. The tower block of Queensview appears to be still under construction on the right, surrounded by scaffolding.
[internal reference; 20081119_167891:LEO 3508a]
Seacroft Avenue, from junction with Seacroft Crescent (Seacroft)
Black & White imagec1967. View along Seacroft Avenue from the junction with Seacroft Crescent. The Maternity and Child Welfare Clinic is on the right, while the bus station is further up towards the left. Seacroft House is beyond this with flats of Seacroft Gate behind it in the background.
[internal reference; 2014311_175072:LEO 7645]
Seacroft Avenue, from York Road (Seacroft)
Black & White imagec1967. View from York Road looking along Seacroft Avenue. Seacroft House, occupied by council offices, is on the right, while the bus station is further back towards the left; these were built as part of the Seacroft Civic Centre development which was opened in 1965. Queensview high-rise flats can be seen in the background.
[internal reference; 2014312_175078:LEO 7649]