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Location - Leeds & District

Back Penraevon Street, rear of nos.1-15 Dargai Street (Buslingthorpe) (1 comment)
Black & White image1970. View of Back Penraevon Street showing the rear of a terrace of houses numbered 1-15 Dargai Street. Outside toilet blocks are seen in the back yards. In the background on the left is Woodhouse Carr Methodist Church. The houses have since been demolished and the area is now taken up with the Penraevon Industrial Estate; the church building still exists but has been converted to a warehouse
[internal reference; 2012124_173211:SRQ 942.819 WOO 112]
Penraevon Grove, junction with Dargai Street (Buslingthorpe) (1 comment)
Black & White image1970. View of Penraevon Grove showing the junction with Dargai Street. Facing the camera in the centre are nos.2 and 4 Dargai Street, part of a relatively modern terrace compared to the old Victorian style terrace on the opposite side of the street, the edge of which can be seen on the left. The more modern terrace was however the first to be demolished, though both sides are now gone and have been replaced by the Penraevon Industrial Estate.
[internal reference; 2012124_173212:SRQ 942.819 WOO 113]