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Location - Leeds & District

Killingbeck Fields, view of Gipton (Killingbeck)
Colour imageUndated. View of Gipton from Killingbeck Fields. On the left the two high rise blocks of flats nearest the foreground are Denbigh Heights and Denbigh Croft, both built to a height of 36 metres, comprising 12 floors, in 1965. Behind the trees on the right are two more tower blocks, Pembroke Grange and Pembroke Towers, built in 1964 in Wykebeck Valley Road. High rise blocks of flats are also seen in the background; these are Gipton Gate East and West and the Briarsdales, all situated on Oak Tree Drive. Image courtesy of John Garnett.
[internal reference; 20091118_169809:LEO 4675]
Wykebeck Valley Road, view towards (Killingbeck)
Colour imageUndated. View taken looking in the direction of Wykebeck Valley Road. The old iron railings were part of the boundary of the former Killingbeck Smallpox Hospital, built on the site of Killingbeck Farm, c1915. In the background, right, there is one of a pair of high-rise blocks of flats, called Denbigh Heights. They were built to a height of 36m on 12 storeys in 1965. Image courtesy of John Garnett.
[internal reference; 20091111_169766:LEO 4633]