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Location - Leeds & District

Dolphin Street (Bank) (5 comments)
Black & White image7th March 1930. View of the square on Dolphin Street. Terrace houses to left are on Richmond Road, a group of children and a dog play at the back of the square. Gas lamp post to the right, houses beyond it are on Dolphin Street. Metal fences in front of the wellhouses in the foreground of the picture.
[internal reference; 9951:CLIC DOLPHIN 2]
Dolphin Street (Bank) (1 comment)
Black & White image7th March 1930. The corner of Dolphin Street. The squared little Dolphin Street to the back of the photo. House to the right outside which are a man, woman, child and dog. The road is cobbled.
[internal reference; 9954:CLIC DOLPHIN 5]
Dolphin Street, Richmond Road (Bank) (3 comments)
Black & White image1929. View looking down Dolphin Street to Richmond Road. The building to the left and the corner house are due to be demolished. Cobbled street, dog stood in the middle of the road. A man and woman stand in front of the first house on the right. A man stands outside the second and a boy sits on the kerb. In view is 29 Dolphin Street - a shop owned by Cornelius Fitzsimmons.
[internal reference; 9950:CLIC DOLPHIN 1]
Dolphin Street, Richmond Road (Bank) (1 comment)
Black & White image7th March 1930. View of the square on Dolphin Street looking across to the rear of house fronting on to Richmond Road. The houses to the left are known as Well houses. A shop can just been seen to the right on Richmond Road.
[internal reference; 9953:CLIC DOLPHIN 4]
Dolphin Street, Well houses (Bank)
Black & White image7th March 1930. Housing to the left, a mother from the doorstep of the first house watches her child in the front. More terrace housing in the foreground and to the sides. Cobbled street to the front.
[internal reference; 9952:CKIC DOLPHIN 3]