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Location - Leeds & District

Ebor Cottage, Middleton Road (Belle Isle) (1 comment)
Colour imageApril 2014. Image shows Ebor Cottage situated on Middleton Road. This is the front, east face of the cottage, taken from the driveway and looking back in the direction of Middleton Road. Ebor House is adjoining it, off the picture to the left. Ebor Cottage must have originally been split up into two separate cottages as it has two individual staircases inside, though there are only 2 downstairs rooms.
[internal reference; 2014415_175153:LEO 7844]
Ebor Farm, cottages and outbuildings (Belle Isle)
Black & White imagec1972. View shows derelict cottages and outbuildings of Ebor Farm, situated on Middleton Road. Part of Ebor Cottage is just visible in the background on the right. Ebor Farm itself is further to the right, off the picture, adjoining Ebor House, a Grade II listed building dating from the 18th century. The farm and outbuildings have since been demolished and replaced by new houses, but Ebor House and Ebor Cottage are still standing.
[internal reference; 20121126_174190:S LIE EBOR 1]