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Location - Leeds & District

Richmond Hill, Maps and Plans (Richmond Hill) (1 comment)
Black & White imageJan 1942. Picture shows the plans for housing developments especially around Ellerby Road and Richmond Hill. Two childrens playgrounds are clearly visible.
[internal reference; 7386:CL3 Richmond 1]
St. Saviour's Church, Ellerby Road (Richmond Hill)
Colour image2007. Exterior view of St. Saviour's Church on Ellerby Road. Consecrated in 1845, this Anglican Church was designed by John MacDuff Derick in a Gothic Revival style. It is now a Grade I listed building. Image courtesy of Leslie Cole.
[internal reference; 2012523_173594:LEO 5998]
The Cavalier public house, Ellerby Road (Cross Green) (1 comment)
Colour image15th March 2015. Image shows 'The Cavalier' public-house situated at number 10 Ellerby Road, at the junction with Morpeth Place. As can be seen, this hostelry is still functioning, whereas two others 'The Spring Close' and 'The Yew Tree', both very close by, are not. The junction with Willis Street is in the foreground at the left edge. Behind the Cavalier, St. Saviour's Church and vicarage (number 28) are visible. Image courtesy of Graham A. Schofield.
[internal reference; 2015318_175412:LEO 8037]
The Spring Close public house, Spring Close (Cross Green) (7 comments)
Colour image15th March 2015. View of The Spring Close public house, which had undergone closure at the time this photograph was taken. It is situated on Spring Close, where Ellerby Road terminates, only a couple of hundred yards or so above the still functioning Cavalier public house. The white building, close by in the background, is yet another public house which has faced closure. This is The Yew Tree which is located at numbers 46 - 48 Ellerby Lane. Picture courtesy of Graham A. Schofield.
[internal reference; 2015318_175413:LEO 8038]
The Yew Tree public house, Ellerby Lane (Cross Green) (4 comments)
Colour image15th March 2015. Image of the closed down Yew Tree public house on Ellerby Lane at numbers 46 - 48. It stands only a few yards from the also defunct 'Spring Close' pub. Both these hostelries are only a few hundred yards from the still operating Cavalier public house on Ellerby Road. (Update: the Cavalier is also now closed, having shut down later in 2015). Image courtesy of Graham A. Schofield.
[internal reference; 2015318_175414:LEO 8039]