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Location - Leeds & District

Eastgate, looking north-east (Quarry Hill) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec28th November 1966. View looking north-east along Eastgate showing the Employment Exchange on the left and part of Quarry Hill Flats on the right. Construction work is taking place in the foreground at the covering over the Lady Beck.
[internal reference; 2011126_172999:LEO 5828]
Eastgate, looking north-east (Quarry Hill)
Black & White imagec28th November 1966. Looking north-east along Eastgate towards New York Road with construction work taking place at the Lady Beck covering in the foreground. The building just visible on the left is the Employment Exchange while on the right is part of Quarry Hill Flats (Oastler House and Neilson House).
[internal reference; 2011126_173000:LEO 5829]
Eastgate, looking south-west (City Centre)
Black & White image28th November 1966. View looking south-west along Eastgate towards the Eastgate roundabout on the left, with the continuation of Eastgate into the city centre leading off the right between the two identical-ended buildings. The Yorkshire Hussar public house is the left-hand of these two buildings, with Millgarth police station to the left of this. Lower down on the far left is the edge of Quarry Hill Flats. The Employment Exchange building is on the right with construction work in progress to the side of it on the site of the Lady Beck covering.
[internal reference; 20111122_172940:LEO 5774]