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Location - Leeds & District

Edith Terrace, off Bristol Street (Sheepscar)
Black & White image15th January 1929. View shows Edith Terrace, a short terrace off Bristol Street, seen in the foreground. A corner shop belonging to David Gleek advertises Lyons Tea, Lyons Table Jellies, Hudson's soap, Lifebuoy soap, Cherry Blossom boot polish and Colman's starch among others. Just visible on the right is the edge of Ethel Terrace. These houses would shortly be demolished to make way for Sheepscar Street South.
[internal reference; 2009115_169739:C LIC EDITH 1]
Ethel Terrace (Sheepscar)
Black & White image15th January 1929. Photo shows the corner of Ethel Terrace. Shop on corner of street to left with hoardings above it for lifebuoy soap. Colmans starch and black and Greeks tea. Ethel Terrace is a row of two-up two-down brick housing.
[internal reference; 9845:CLIC ETH 1]
Sheepscar Street, South (Sheepscar)
Black & White image26th March 1934. iew of derelict property of I and H Goldberg, wholesale cabinet makers of 66 North Street and 30 Sheepscar Street South. From left to centre of picture is a row of five terraced houses with a grocers shop at the end. This has several advertisements on the walls of the shop. This row could be Ethel Terrace. There are three old men in the street.
[internal reference; 1486:CLIB Sheep 28]