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Barnbow No 1 (Leeds) National Filling Factory, "C" Factory, Preparation House (Cross Gates)
Black & White image3rd May 1916 View of the "C" Factory at Barnbow National Filling Factory, specifically constructed for the production of Amatol, a highly explosive material made up of TNT and ammonium nitrate. This was the Preparation House, which along with the Incorporating House, Weighing Room, no 3 Press House and the Empty and Filled Shell Stores, was complete by 22nd June 1916 and the filling, under hydraulic pressure, of shells began immediately. The no. 2 Incorporating House and nos. 1 & 2 Press Houses were finished in July and August, and by September the whole of the "B" and "C" factories were complete and capable of filling from 300,000 to 400,000 shells weekly.
[internal reference; 2017622_176176:LQ 623.45 G953 Photo 14]
Barnbow No 1 (Leeds) National Filling Factory, A.O.D. stores (Cross Gates)
Black & White image1917 View shows the A.O.D. stores at the Barnbow National Filling Fcorty, the accommodation site for the storage of the finished ammunition. Arrangements had been made with the Cross Gates Golf Club for the taking over of their ground for this purpose, and work commenced in October 1916. These stores consisted of 14 large magazines each provided with protecting dumps and loading and unloading platforms, together with administration offices, canteens and guard rooms. This view shows the site in 1917 after the buildings were completed
[internal reference; 2017622_176180:LQ 623 45 G953 Photo 18]
Barnbow No 1 (Leeds) National Filling Factory, garage (Cross Gates) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec 1915-18 Image showing the garage at the Barnbow National Filling Factory during World War One. The garage was equipped with a series of passenger cars and stores vans, together with an ambulance, and the management and running of the service was carried out entirely by female drivers. Initially they were part of the factory staff but later they joined the Women's Region where they came under the control of the Army Service Corps.
[internal reference; 2017622_176194:LQ 623 45 G953 Page 15]
Barnbow No 1 (Leeds) National Filling Factory, Hydraulic accumulator (Cross Gates)
Black & White image17th June 1916. View shows the Pump House and electricity sub-station with the first hydraulic accumulator in the process of erection, part of the Amadol "C" Factory at the Barnbow National Filling Factory.
[internal reference; 2017622_176178:LQ 623 45 G953 Photo 16]
Barnbow No 1 (Leeds) National Filling Factory, interior of Board Room (Cross Gates)
Black & White imagec 1916 - 1918 View shows the interior of the Board Room at the Barnbow National Filling Factory, where the Board of Management met regularly.
[internal reference; 2017622_176183:LQ 623 45 G953 Photo 21]