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Search Aspect ( First World War )
Location - Leeds & District

East Garforth Gun Emplacement, 1914-18 war (Garforth)
Black & White imagec1914-18. View shows men (and dogs) at the East Garforth Gun Emplacement during the First World War. The caption underneath calls them 'The Pathmakers'. Photograph courtesy of Miss M. Simpson.
[internal reference; 2010416_170580:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY PPL94]
East Garforth, Victory Parade (Garforth)
Black & White image1919. View shows a victory parade in East Garforth in 1919 following the end of the First World War the previous November.
[internal reference; 201046_170525:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY PPL2]
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, Edith Cliff and patients outside "Blighty" hut (Gledhow)
Black & White imagec1915-1919. This view of Gledhow Hall Military Hospital during the First World War shows the Commandant, Miss Edith Cliff, along with a group of soldiers with varying injuries outside one of the small huts in the grounds. The hut, named Blighty, was one of 7 which had two beds in each with a radiator between, and was open at the front with a waterproof sheet that could be drawn down. These were used as part of a pioneering outdoor treatment of surgical cases. One of the soldiers is holding the hospital's mascot, a doll dressed in a soldier's uniform which was known as "Sergeant Michael Cassidy".
[internal reference; 2016512_175765:SRQ 940.476 G478]
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, nurses and patients (Gledhow)
Black & White imagec1915-1919. View shows a group of nurses and patients of Gledhow Hall Military Hospital during the First World War. They are gathered in the grounds in front of 6 of the 7 huts that were built for the care of the most severe cases. The huts, named Blighty, Shrapnel Chase, The Dug Out, Somme Hut, Whiz-Bang Hall, BEF and Snipers View, could be reached by a temporary covered way from the Hall. Two larger huts named King George and King Edward were added later.
[internal reference; 2016512_175764:SRQ 940.476 G478]
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, Nursing staff (Gledhow)
Black & White imagec1915-1919. View shows a group of nursing staff sitting in the grounds of Gledhow Hall Military Hospital during the First World War. Many of these would have been Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) nurses, part of an organisation set up by the British Red Cross Society and the order of St. John to care for wounded soldiers. The staff of Gledhow Hall comprised Miss Edith Cliff (Commandant), Mrs Florence Kitson (Honorary Secretary), Miss K Sykes (Quartermaster)and Dr. Eustace Carter (Medical Officer), alongside 2 trained sisters, 12 VAD nurses and 3 servants. Pictured here are: on seats, from left: G. Middleton, H. McLaren, Sister Roff, Sister Ruscoe, F. Kitson, E. Cliff, S. Powys, O. Middleton. Seated on ground, from left: R. Lupton, C. Wickestead, G. Powys, E. Firth, R. Wickestead, H. Lumb.
[internal reference; 2016512_175762:SRQ 940.476 G478]