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Location - Leeds & District

Armley Grove Place, showing demolished and soon-to-be-demolished streets (Armley) (2 comments)
Colour imageOctober 1983. View from Armley Grove Place showing in the foreground a cleared area where terraced housing has recently been demolished and in the background further rows of housing which are due to be demolished shortly. These are, from left, Fitzarthur Street, Fearnley Street, Gledhow Street and Simpson Street. Middle Cross Street runs across in front of them.
[internal reference; 2012514_173550:LEO 6766]
Armley, street clearance around St. Bartholomew's Church (Armley)
Black & White imagec1980s. View shows a cleared area beside St. Bartholomew's Church, which is visible in the background. Possibly looking from Fitzarthur Street, from where a digger is seen in the foreground. Streets in this area were demolished in the early 1980s.
[internal reference; 2010624_170927:LEO 6055]
Fitzarthur Street, nos. 2-8, Tong Road no. 106, demolition (Armley) (1 comment)
Black & White image1980s. View showing a block of terraced houses in the process of being demolished. From the left are nos. 8 to 2 Fitzarthur Street then on the end, mostly hidden behind a digger, is no. 106 Tong Road. These houses wre back-to-backs with Fearnley Street on the far side. In the background on the left is the end of a block of terraced housing on Grasmere Avenue, while beyond this are two blocks of high-rise flats, Wortley Towers and Wortley Heights. Taken around the early 1980s.
[internal reference; 2010621_170894:LEO 6084]
Fitzarthur Street, nos.2-8, Tong Road no.106, demolition (Armley) (3 comments)
Black & White image1980s. View shows a block of terraced housing in the process of demolition, with a digger in the foreground. From the left are nos.8 to 2 Fitzarthur Street, with no.106 Tong Road at the end of the block on the right. The houses are back-to-back with Fearnley Street on the other side. Two tower blocks of flats, possibly Clyde Grange and Clyde Court, are seen in the background on the left. Taken in the early 1980s when streets in this area of Armley were cleared.
[internal reference; 2010624_170935:LEO 6063]
Middle Cross Street, junction with Fitzarthur Street (Armley) (1 comment)
Colour imageSpring 1984. View shows rows of back-to-back terraced housing leading off Middle Cross Street. In the foreground is Fitzarthur Street, with no.54 facing the camera. Further back are Fearnley Street, Gledhow Street and Simpson Street. These houses were all soon to be demolished.
[internal reference; 2012514_173549:LEO 6765]