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Location - Leeds & District

Aerial view of Bramham looking east (Bramham) (1 comment)
Colour image1988. Aerial view of Bramham looking east. At the top left is Toulston Lane and moving down, the High Street. Aberford Road follows the line of buildings towards the top. Folly Lane is the road running straight down from Aberford Road on the right. At the bottom edge on the left is New Road, followed by Low Way leading to All Saints' Church. Curving round, bottom right, is Crag Gardens and Almshouse Hill.
[internal reference; 2006830_161849:WE 534185]
Folly Lane (Beeston) (4 comments)
Black & White image10th December 1965, View of property on Folly Lane, Coupland Row can be seen behind. On the right edge are the premises of Peter Smith, turf accountant.
[internal reference; 20021230_3448122:WYAS (Beeston Hill) Box 14 No 54]
Folly Lane (Beeston) (1 comment)
Black & White image10th December 1965, Premises of Peter Smith, turf accountant on Folly Lane. A van and an Austin Cambridge car are parked outside.
[internal reference; 20021230_38557070:WYAS (Beeston Hill) Box 14 No 55]
Folly Lane (Beeston)
Black & White image10th December 1965, Rear view of properties which were on Folly Lane. The business of Peter Smith, turf accountant can be seen.
[internal reference; 20021230_85453433:WYAS (Beeston Hill) Box 14 No 50]
Folly Lane (Beeston)
Black & White image7th December 1965, Premises of W Kaye and Son, funeral directors, joiners and contractors, home address was 3 Lady Pitt Lane. On the right is number 13 Folly Lane. Behind on the left, part of Coupland Row can be seen. In the centre Khandalla Terrace is visible.
[internal reference; 20021230_93992252:WYAS (Beeston Hill) Box 14 No 5]