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Location - Leeds & District

Back Francis Street seen from the junction with Nassau Place (Chapeltown)
Black & White image1971. View of properties in Back Francis Street, this part of which ran between and parallel to Francis Street and Louis Street. Back Francis Street is photographed from Nassau Place (foreground). These are large, through terraced homes, fronting the south side of Francis Street at the other side. This part of the street is situated between Nassau Place and Hamilton Place and, from the foreground back, the houses number 32 to 56. In the background the white building is at the corner with Hamilton Place and Back Francis Street, fronting, and with gardens stretching onto Louis Street. It is numbered as 47a Louis Street, is still there and was later converted to a shop. This area, bordered by Francis Street, Hamilton Place and Louis Street, was demolished and rebuilt as Hamilton Gardens and Back Francis Street was renamed as such. The section of Nassau Place (in foreground) between Francis Street and Louis Street became absorbed into the development. As originally Nassau Place ran from Leopold Street to Harehills Avenue. The remaining section of Back Francis Street, running from Hamilton Place to Frankland Place, was renamed Frankland Grove and is to the left of the white property mentioned above. (Information from Paul Burniston.)
[internal reference; 2012618_173725:LEO 6793]
Chapeltown Road, Holy Rosary Catholic Church (Chapeltown) (8 comments)
Black & White image19th January 2006. View of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Chapeltown Road at the junction with Louis Street. The Presbytery is round the corner at number 3 Cross Francis Street. Photograph courtesy of James William Bell.
[internal reference; 2006810_161747:LEO 1067]
Cowper Street (Chapeltown) (1 comment)
Black & White image1989. View of derelict property in Cowper Street, part of a small area scheduled for demolition. The properties were situated in the Hillcrest General Improvement Area and considered unfit for habitation. The houses to be demolished were numbers 54 to 64 Cowper Street and numbers 51 to 59 Francis Street.
[internal reference; 2010524_170781:LEO 5045]
Francis Street (Chapeltown) (6 comments)
Black & White image6th June 1950. View of the north side of Francis Street at its junction with Cross Cowper Street. The terraced street has a lamp post at the corner.
[internal reference; 5643:CLIC Francis 1]
Francis Street, backs of houses (Chapeltown) (2 comments)
Black & White image6th June 1950. View shows backs of houses on Francis Street (Back Cowper Street). Corner with Cross Cowper Street can be seen. Also a woman with two children, a telegraph pole and a streetlamp.
[internal reference; 5611:CLIC Francis 2]