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Location - Leeds & District

Barwick Road, Sisters' Pit (Garforth)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows Sisters' Pit, also known as Garforth Colliery, situated off Barwick Road. This coal mine was sunk by the Gascoigne family in 1843 and continued production until it was worked out in 1922, at which time it was employing 249 men. The area of Moor Garforth expanded around it.
[internal reference; 2010416_170583:Garforth Historical Society C52]
Barwick Road, Sisters' Pit, strike breakers (Garforth)
Black & White imageAugust 1919. This image shows strike breakers at Sisters' Pit (Garforth Colliery) during a miners' strike in 1919. Police protection is being given to the workers, including a sailor who had been drafted in. This strike was one of a number of industrial disputes over wages and conditions in the pits in the years following the First World War, which culminated in the General Strike of 1926; by this time the Sisters Pit had closed but Trench Pit in Garforth was affected. Photograph courtesy of Miss M. Simpson.
[internal reference; 2010419_170598:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY C72]
East Garforth School (Garforth Colliery School), Christmas 1987 (Garforth)
Black & White imageDecember 1987. Image shows East Garforth School formerly known as Garforth Colliery School. The photograph was taken at Christmas 1987 as the school was about to close and the children were due to transfer to an adjacent building. The windows show a display of work created by pupils in celebration of the history of their school which was built in 1843. The Gascoigne family, local landowners and owners of the Garforth Collieries, provided the school to educate the families of the miners in their employ. The building, situated in Aberford Road, East Garforth, was subsequently converted to a branch of the Aagrah, a 150 seater Indian Restaurant.
[internal reference; 2010126_170106:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY A5]
Garforth Colliery School, looking in the direction of Aberford Road (Garforth)
Black & White imageUndated. Early view of Garforth Colliery School, seen from the rear and looking in the direction of Aberford Road, East Garforth. The school was built in 1843 by the Gascoigne family specifically for the children of mineworkers. The Gascoignes had a long-established presence in the area, both as landowners and owners of the Garforth Collieries. The headmaster's house adjoins the right-hand side of the building but this was demolished in the 1950s. The property remained a school until 1987 when it closed and underwent conversion to the Aagrah Indian Restaurant. Photograph provided by Mrs. G. Lowe.
[internal reference; 2010126_170105:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY A4]
Sister's Pit, Garforth (Garforth)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Sister's Pit in Garforth, one of three owned by Col Frederick Charles Trench, the others being Isabell Pit and Trench Pit. Sister's pit was located to the north of the area known at the time as Moor Garforth. The shaft was sunk on 1843, and the pit ewas in production until 1922. It was also known as Grforth Colliery. A supermarket is now adjacent to the old site.
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