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Location - Leeds & District

Gledhow Beck, near Gledhow Valley Lake (Gledhow)
Black & White image5th April 1956. View of Gledhow Beck which feeds Gledhow Valley Lake and runs along and beneath Gledhow Valley Road. The stone-lined beck appears to be undergoing repair and two weirs can be seen. The semi-detached houses in the background are in Gledhow Valley Road.
[internal reference; 3270:CLIQ Gled 12]
Gledhow Valley Lake (Gledhow) (1 comment)
Black & White image5th April 1956. View of Gledhow Valley Lake which was being drained for maintenance work at this time. The water course may be that Gledhow Beck which feeds the lake. The maintenance work involved the construction of a new weir.
[internal reference; 3265:CLIQ Gled 7]
Gledhow Valley Lake, maintenance work (Gledhow)
Black & White image6th June 1956. One of a series of photographs taken by the City Engineers to record maintenance work carried out at Gledhow Valley Lake and surrounding area. At this time the lake was dredged and drained and a new weir was built. Footpaths were repaired and maintenance work was also carried out on Gledhow Beck which feeds the lake.
[internal reference; 3260:CLIQ Gled 2]
Gledhow Valley Lake, weir under construction (Gledhow)
Black & White image19th August 1948. Close up view of weir under construction at Gledhow Valley Lake. The lake runs alongside Gledhow Valley Road and is fed by Gledhow Beck.
[internal reference; 3271:CLIQ Gled 13]
Gledhow Valley, Gledhow Beck (Gledhow)
Black & White image5th April 1956. Gledhow Valley showing brick lining of Gledhow Beck in foreground.
[internal reference; 3268:CLIQ Gled 10]