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Location - Leeds & District

Glensdale Mount, Temple View Road (Richmond Hill) (2 comments)
Black & White image5th July 1963. On the left of this image, a car, reg: SVH 426 is parked outside the side wall of the Times Sanitary Steam Laundry (Leeds) Ltd. on Glensdale Mount. The entrance to the building is on the right at number 50 Temple View Road.
[internal reference; 200391_54740542:WYAS(Temple View Road)Box 110/1 No.25]
Glensdale Road, looking towards the Times Sanitary Steam Laundry (Leeds) Ltd. (Richmond Hill) (3 comments)
Black & White image8th July 1963. View of Glensdale Road looking towards the rear of the Times Sanitary Steam Laundry (Leeds) Ltd. where the tall chimney can be seen. The laundry is numbered as 50 Temple View Road. The junction with East Park Drive is behind the photographer, as is the rest of Glensdale Road, which eventually joins Glensdale Mount, skirting Hutchinson's Pickle Company Ltd. (Drysalters and Confectioners)located at number 5 East Park Road. Glensdale Mount joins East Park Road which runs parallel to the railway lines. Glensdale Road is situated between Temple View Place and Temple View Terrace, off camera, left, and Glensdale Mount, off camera, right.
[internal reference; 200391_29262942:WYAS(Temple View Road)Box 110/1 No.41]
Temple View Road, Slip Inn (Richmond Hill) (6 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View looking from Temple View Terrace showing the Slip Inn on Temple View Road. This public house was formerly known as the New Regent Hotel. To the left is East Park View. On the right are houses on Glensdale Mount with Glensdale Grove behind.
[internal reference; 2010120_170066:LEO 4788]