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Green Lane, filming of 'Billy Liar' (Wortley) (4 comments)
Black & White image1962. View taking during the shooting of a scene from the film 'Billy Liar'which took place on a cleared area off Green Lane, where the demolition in progress of old terraced housing made an ideal location for the filming of a ruined city. Green Lane Primary School is seen in the background. Directed by John Schlesinger and starring Tom Courtenay, the film of Leeds author Keith Waterhouse's book was shot mostly in Bradford with a few scenes in Leeds; locations on The Headrow and outside the Town Hall were used in addition to this one.
[internal reference; 2010615_170864:LEO 6019]
Green Lane, filming of 'Billy Liar' (Wortley) (2 comments)
Black & White image1962. View shows a scene from the film 'Billy Liar' being shot on location at a site off Green Lane, with Green Lane Primary School in the background. Demolition was taking place of terraced housing in the area, so the presence of semi-demolished houses added authenticity to a scene depicting a ruined city. This scene, which shows a group of women marching under a banner proclaiming 'Viva Ambrosia', is part of a dream world imagined by the character Billy Fisher, otherwise known as Billy Liar, who sees himself as the head of the imaginary state of Ambrosia.
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