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Location - Leeds & District

Beckett Street / Green Road area (Burmantofts)
Black & White imageUndated. View of a row of red brick terraced houses in the Beckett Street / Green Road area. Washing is strung across the street. Photograph courtesy of Terry Cryer.
[internal reference; 2007829_164577:LEO 2038]
Beckett Street, Green Road area. (Burmantofts) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Beckett Street/Green Road area. Old properties are derelict and waiting demolition. There is a new building on the right and work in progress on the pavement, right. Photograph courtesy of Terry Cryer.
[internal reference; 2007829_164574:LEO 2035]
Boston Street, nos.21, 23, 25, Green Road, nos.69, 71 (Burmantofts) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated Boston Street is on the left, number 21 is at the left edge, moving right numbers 23, 25, 27 follow in ascending order. On Green Road, number 69 is a pork butchers shop owned by Charles Russell. The Snow White Laundry office was number 71, this was the corner with Selby Street.
[internal reference; 200317_36683291:WYAS (Burmantofts) Box no 21/2, no 138]
Buckley Street, nos.4, 6, Green Road, nos.62, 64 (Burmantofts) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated Two houses at the beginning of Buckley Street, on the left is number 6, with 4 to the right. At the corner with Green Road is a shoe repair shop, this was 64 Green Road. Number 62 is F.W. White and Co Ltd grocers shop. Halliday Street is on the right. This photo was taken in the mid 1950s, prior to clearance of the Newtown/Burmantofts area.
[internal reference; 200317_13029116:WYAS (Burmantofts) Box no 21/2, no 180]
Burmantofts, aerial view (Burmantofts) (7 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Burmantofts looking east, with Beckett Street running across the centre from left to right, becoming Burmantofts Street after the junction with Nippet Lane on the right. Torre Road branches off from Nippet Lane upwards in the centre, while York Road is seen at the top right. Lincoln Green Road runs down from Beckett Street to join Cherry Row, which runs along the bottom, becoming Dolly Lane on the left. Several tower blocks can be seen, including in the foreground from right, Cherry Court, Marston Mount, Boston Towers, Spalding Towers, Grantham Towers, Lindsey Mount, Lincoln Towers and Ferriby Towers, with more tower blocks on the Ebor Gardens estate in the distance.
[internal reference; 2008523_166790:S LIB BURM 3]