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Chapeltown at the junction with Uppermoor (Pudsey) (1 comment)
Black & White image9th August 1978 View of Chapeltown, left, at the junction with Uppermoor, right. The road in the background is Greenside. The Commercial Hotel at number 48 Chapeltown stands at the junction, right. There is a sign for the King's Arms on Greenside and the public house can be seen set back slightly from the road.
[internal reference; 2007817_164523:SLIN commerical 282]
Chapeltown at the junction with Uppermoor, The Commercial Hotel (Pudsey)
Black & White image3rd August 1982 View of the Commercial Hotel addressed as number 48 Chapeltown. It stands at the junction of Chapeltown with Uppermoor, right. Greenside is to the left. Further down Greenside there is a sign for The King's Arms public house.
[internal reference; 2007817_164522:SLIN Commercial 281]
Chapeltown from the junction with Uppermoor and Greenside (Pudsey)
Black & White image9th August 1978. View of Chapeltown looking from the junction with Uppermoor and Greenside. Greenside is off to the right. The wall on the right is the boundary of the site of the demolished Pudsey Congregational Church. It was demolished in 1978. In the background Pudsey Cenotaph is visible, dedicated in 1922. The house facing, belongs to the old parsonage and was addressed as 1 Parsonage Fold. It was once occupied by William Wilson who made oatcakes, or 'Hovercakes' as they were known and hawked them around the town.
[internal reference; 2007815_164506:SLIC Chapeltown 1239]
Chapeltown, Uppermoor and Greenside junctions (Pudsey)
Black & White image9th August 1978. Image shows the junction of three roads. Greenside is off to the left and Uppermoor is where the cars are visible. Chapeltown is off to the right. The Commercial Hotel, which stands at the junction, is addressed as number 48 Chapeltown. The Tudor Restaurant is seen centrally at number 7 Uppermoor. Brenda's, a shop, is at number 65 Chapeltown, right. In the foreground is the boundary wall and former site of Pudsey Congregational Church. The Church dating fron 1866,was demolished in 1978.
[internal reference; 2007815_164507:SLIC Chapeltown 1240]
Dixon Lane no.s 16-20 (Wortley)
Black & White imageUndated. View of old terraced housing in Dixon Lane. On the left is number 20 which juts further forward than the others. The door and next two windows belong to the rear of 35 Greenside Road. At the right end of the row is number 16 Dixon Lane. This row probably dates from Georgian times as the windows have small panes of the period.
[internal reference; 200344_79462833:WYAS (Greenside Road) Box no.48, no. 45]