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Location - Leeds & District

Belle Isle Road, looking south (Belle Isle) (7 comments)
Black & White image1950s. View looking south along Belle Isle Road towards the junction with Town Street, in the distance on the right. Tramlines run through the centre of the road, where a tram is seen travelling towards Leeds. Two horses and traps can be seen further up, one just turning into Belle Isle Road from Town Street. Houses on the far side of the road are numbered in ascending order from 299 on the left. On the near side, off the picture beyond the row of posts, is the site of the Grey Goose public house but it is unclear whether or not it has been built yet. The future site of The Grey Goose is still vacant, and not built on, as shown on an OS map dated 1951, but the pub is marked on the map for the year 1959. The turning off at the top end of this is Aberfield Gate. The man in the picture is Mr. Round of nearby Aberfield Gardens.
[internal reference; 2012112_174137:LEO 7000]
Belle Isle Road, The Grey Goose (Belle Isle) (3 comments)
Colour imageNovember 2008. View of Belle Isle Road showing the Grey Goose public house, closed at the time for restoration. A bus shelter can be seen on the left.
[internal reference; 2009325_168748:LEO 3838]
Belle Isle Road, The Grey Goose (Belle Isle)
Colour imageNovember 2008. View of The Grey Goose public house on Belle Isle Road, closed at the time for restoration.
[internal reference; 2009326_168749:LEO 3839]