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Location - Leeds & District

View east from the top of St James's Church (Wetherby)
Black & White imagec1950/1951. View east from the top of St James's Church in St James's Street (part of the church is seen in the foreground). The properties in the foreground left, are numbered (from left to right) 21 to 15 North Street. In the background is the large site of H.M.S. Ceres, (AKA H.M.S. Cabot 61942 and H.M.S. Demetrius, 1943) the Supply and Secretarial Naval Training School for WRENs. The naval station trained thousands of WRENs before re-locating to Chatham in 1958. Wetherby High School was built on the site opening on 8th September 1966. It is addressed as Hallfield Lane. The cemetery is visible in the background.
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York Road, H.M.S Ceres, Shore Training Establishment. (Wetherby) (4 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. This is the Shore Training Establishment in York Road named H.M.S. Ceres. It was originally built as a hostel for workers at the Royal Ordnance Factory in Thorp Arch, but was never used for this purpose. The year it was finished, in 1942, it was taken over by the Admiralty for training and named H.M.S. Cabot; it was renamed H.M.S. Demetrius in 1943 before finally becoming known as H.M.S. Ceres. The naval station could accommodate 1000 personnel. In 1958, after training 1000s of Wrens in the Wetherby area, H.M.S. Ceres was transferred to Chatham. In 1958, despite local opposition, the site was converted to a borstal institution for up to 200 boys. It later became an open Youth Custody Centre, then a closed Youth Custody Centre, and is now (2012) HM Young Offenders Institution Wetherby, a dedicated Male Juvenile Centre housing 360 trainees aged between 15 and 17 years.
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