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Location - Leeds & District

Halton Hill (Halton)
Black & White image21st August 1923. A gang of workmen are digging out the line of the new road. Two sets of rails are in place to carry the Bogeys that take the spoil away and carry materials around the site. Two Bogeys can be seen in use. A small part of a house is visible at the extreme right.
[internal reference; 9167:CLIC Hal 3]
Halton Hill (Halton) (1 comment)
Black & White image21st August 1923. This view shows Halton Hill with houses on the left and in the distance. There are tram lines and cable carrying poles with multi -branched telegraph poles running into the distance. At centre there is a gang of workmen in the process of digging out a new road. At the right there is a City Engineers hut and piles of stone at the side.
[internal reference; 9168:CLIC Hal 2]
Selby Road, Halton Hill (Halton) (2 comments)
Black & White image22nd September 1938. View across Selby Road with tramlines running between each carriageway. The tramlines are fenced off by short concrete posts and railings. Poles in the overhead wires are at each side of the lines. Semi detached houses with bay windows in the lower and upper storeys are along the road. In the background is St. Wilfrids Church with scaffolding on the tower.
[internal reference; 341:CLIC Selby 1]
Selby Road (Halton Hill), looking south-east. (Halton) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Looking south-east up the part of Selby Road known as Halton Hill.
[internal reference; 200919_168204:S LIC SELB 3]
Selby Road, nos. 177 - 209 (Halton)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Selby Road at the top of Halton Hill. The block on the left includes nos. 177 - 185 and that on the right 195 - 209.
[internal reference; 200919_168202:S LIC SELB 2]