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Location - Leeds & District

Atha Yard, Rear View of Hanover Street, Upper Town Street no. 366 (Bramley)
Black & White image21st April 1960 View from Atha Yard off Upper Town Street showing the backs of through-by-light stone built dwellings in Hanover Street. A high backed seat, known as a settle, stands in the yard and was possibly built by the firm of Willaim Smith, joiner and funeral director at number 366 Upper Town Street which backs onto this yard, off camera, left. An old Austin is parked inside the yard.
[internal reference; 20031119_71621341:WYAS Bramley Town Street, Box 113/3, no. 290]
Coopers Row, Rear View (Bramley)
Black & White image21st April 1960 View across to the rear of stone built terraced houses in Cooper's Row. The photographer was standing at the end of Hanover Street, the door of number 10 Hanover Street is in the foreground, far right. Dwellings in Cooper's Row number from left to right 15 to 9, with a low wooden fence enclosing garden land at the rear of numbers 9 and 11. The gable end of terraced properties in Ashlea Place are visible in the background left.
[internal reference; 20031119_62762088:WYAS Bramley Town Street, Box 113/3, no. 294]
Denison Road, Hanover Street (Little Woodhouse) (1 comment)
Black & White image20th August 1959 Substantial property at the junction of Denison Road (left) and Hanover Street (right). It is numbered 1, 3 Denison Road. To the left, Joseph's Well can be seen against the sky. This was a large clothing factory, now used by various companies.
[internal reference; 2004213_61738223:WYAS Hampton Street, Box 338, no. 2]
Hanover Crescent numbers. 1 - 6 and showing numbers 14 and 16 Hanover Street (Little Woodhouse)
Black & White image21st August 1959 Hanover Crescent looped between Hanover Lane and Hanover Street. The building on the left faced onto Hanover Street and is numbered 14. Adjacent to it, and tucked into the corner is number 16 Hanover Street. On an O.S. map dated 1952 number 14 Hanover Street is also marked as number 6 Hanover Crescent and number 16 is marked as number 5 Hanover Crescent. Moving right are numbers 4, 3, 2 and 1 Hanover Crescent. Number 1 has the street sign above the door.
[internal reference; 2004213_1134890:WYAS Hampton Street, Box 338, no. 14]
Hanover House, Hanover Street (City Centre)
Black & White image2nd September 1959 Situated at the corner of Hanover Street and Denison Road, Hanover House, built around 1831, one notable owner was James Kitson, later Lord Airedale (1861 - 1870). Seen here, the house was used as a TV repair depot. It was the business of Beamur TV and the Hanover Television Repair Co. Vehicles parked outside include a company van.
[internal reference; 2004213_10958498:WYAS Hampton Street, Box 338, no. 27]