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Location - Leeds & District

Old Post Office, number 110 Town Street (Rodley)
Colour imagec1985. Image shows the old Rodley Post Office located at number 110 Town Street, and painted bright red. Nowadays, it is a private house. It closed as a post office c1985 and the business was moved to Harrison's Corner in 1986, but has also since closed.
[internal reference; 2008123_168012:LEO 3577]
Town Street, number 110, formerly the old post office (Rodley)
Colour image30th April 2008. Image shows number 110 Town Street, formerly the old Post Office, but now a private dwelling. The post office business closed down here c1985 and reopened at Harrison's Corner in 1986. This business has since closed. The building seen here can be viewed on the Leodis website as it looked when it was the old Post Office.
[internal reference; 2008123_168013:LEO 3578]