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Fenton Street and Carnaby Street. (Woodhouse) (3 comments)
Black & White image22nd August 1913. Junction of Fenton Street and Carnaby Street looking east, showing headquarters of Territorial Force, 1st West Riding Brigade Royal Field Artillery at 27, Fenton Street. Paving Stones and stone sets in foreground.
[internal reference; 308:CLIB Fenton 2]
From Millgarth Police Headquarters towards Eastgate (City Centre)
Colour image4th June, 2014. View from Millgarth Police Headquarters, left, towards Eastgate where demolition is in progress. The red brick buildings are a continuation of Sir Reginald Blomfield's designs for the Headrow and Eastgate, begun in the late 1920s. The two end building are virtually identical and are known as the "Book End" buildings (1939). They flank Eastgate where the double decker buses can be seen. Union Street runs between the Police HQ. and the partially demolished numbers 44 to 46 Eastgate, left. Numbers 44 to 46 were formerly Hoagy's Bar but the demolition is to facilitate the new Victoria Gate scheme and a new four storey, 24,00 sq. m. John Lewis store is to be built on part of the site in Phase 1. Millgarth Police HQ. will also be cleared to build an 800 space multi-storey car park.
[internal reference; 2014630_175211:LEO 7911]
Harper Street, Electricity Sub-Station, site of multi - storey car park (City Centre)
Colour imageUndated. Image taken in the early 1990s showing what was to become the site of a new multi storey car park close to Leeds City Market in Harper Street. This electricity sub - station was to be removed before work could commence. At the left edge is Millgarth Police Headquarters. The West Yorkshire Playhouse is in the background, centre and Quarry House is at the right edge.
[internal reference; 2005524_95510501:LEO 671]
Harper Street, Numbers 8 - 16 (City Centre) (1 comment)
Colour imageUndated. This old medium rise red brick building had once been occupied by a Furniture Manufacturers. The ground floor, in this early 1990s view, shows numbers 8 - 16 including Dennis's Fish Restaurant. In the background, left, Millgarth Police Headquarters can be seen.
[internal reference; 2005524_40998477:LEO 669]
Library Headquarters, Mobile Libraries (York Road)
Colour image1987. View of two of Leeds City Council's Mobile Libraries parked in the garage area in the basement of Library Headquarters on York Road.
[internal reference; 200754_163371:LEO 1594]