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Church Street, Highfield Lane junction (Woodlesford) (6 comments)
Black & White image23rd April 1980. Looking west along Church Street by the junction with Highfield Lane. On the left is Woodlesford Junior aand Infant School. Beyond the junction is a bus shelter; hidden behind this is Lotus chop Suey Bar and Woodlesford Fisheries. Cars are Parked on the road.
[internal reference; 20051010_83791751:S LIC CHURCH 213]
Church Street, No. 42-44 (Woodlesford)
Black & White image23rd April 1980. View of no. 42-44 Church Street, Lotus Chop Suey Bar and Woodlesford Fisheries, with a house alongside. On the left is a bus shelter; behind this is Highfield Lane and Woodlesford Junior and Infant School.
[internal reference; 20051010_16027468:S LIN CHURCH 33]