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Beeston Road with the junction of Kiln Street (Beeston) (6 comments)
Black & White image10th July 1964. View of Beeston Road and the junction with Kiln Street. A woman looks in the window of R. Fiddes, newsagents, at numbers 50 to 52. An advert for the 'News of the World' boasts that 'All Human Life is there'. To the far right is Hillside School, originally Beeston Hill Board School, a mixed school. It has three large entrances for Boys, Girls and Infants, a decorative gable and a clock with gilded hands.
[internal reference; 2003314_68905276:WYAS Algeria Street. Box 4/2. No 124 (2nd copy Local Studies D LIC Beeston 12)]
Beeston Road, Hillside Primary School (Beeston) (43 comments)
Black & White image2004. Photograph of Hillside Primary School on Beeston Road. Originally Beeston Hill Board School, it later became Hillside Secondary School then Hillside Middle; it reopened as Hillside Primary School in 1996.
[internal reference; 2006126_160479:LEO 925]
Beeston Road, New Bewerley Community Primary School (Beeston)
Colour image18th November 2005. View of New Bewerley Community Primary School on Beeston Road. Dating back to 1880, it was originally Beeston Hill Board School and has at times been Hillside Primary in 1996. A listed building designed by R.L. Adams in a classical style, the frontage remains much the same though it has been extended at the back. The building on the right, the caretaker's house, is also listed. By 2006 the school has been renamed New Bewerley Community Primary School following the merger of Hillside with Greenwood Primary School. It is due to transfer to a new site in 2007.
[internal reference; 200662_161352:LEO 1164]
Bewerley Street Community School under construction (Beeston)
Colour imageMarch 2006. Image shows construction work in progress on the new Bewerley Street Community School in Beeston Road. The innovative design, said to resemble a spaceship, cost £4.6 million to build and the classrooms are all constructed around a central hall. The name was chosen to commemorate the first of the Board Schools to be built in Leeds, Bewerley Street Infants School in 1873, not far from this new school. The provision of the community school meant the closure of two old schools, Hillside and Greenwood. The new building also includes a 78 place childrens' centre with facilities for year round, 8am. - 6pm., childcare, and caters for 15 children with special educational needs. To help fulfill the needs of the wider community there is a one-stop shop and new library next to the school. The contractors are Kier Northern in partnership with Leeds City Council. Bewerley Street Community School was to open four weeks ahead of schedule in November 2006. Photograph courtesy of Lynn Rhodes.
[internal reference; 20061227_162594:LEO 1386]
Crimbles area, showing the stone wall of the former gasworks (Pudsey)
Colour imageUndated. Image taken in the Crimbles area of Pudsey looking along a footpath towards Hillside Grove. On the left the high 19th century stone-built wall belonging to the former gasworks is visible. The gasworks offices date form 1877. On the right are the gardens of houses in Hillside View, fenced off and gated from the footpath. Image courtesy of John Garnett.
[internal reference; 2010108_171306:LEO 6381]