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Search Aspect ( Holbeck Working Men''s Club )
Location - Leeds & District

Holbeck Working Men's Club, Jenkinson Lawn (Holbeck)
Colour image2010. View taken in the spring of 2010 showing the Holbeck Working Men's Club situated on Jenkinson Lawn. This had previously been hidden away behind the high-rise flats of Gaitskell Grange and Gaitskell Court, but since the demolition of the flats it now has a view straight through to Holbeck Moor, at least until redevelopment takes place on the site.
[internal reference; 2011922_172676:LEO 5657]
Jenkinson Lawn, Holbeck Working Men's Club and high-rise flats (Holbeck)
Colour image2010. View from Spring 2010 showing Jenkinson Lawn with the Holbeck Working Men's Club on the right. Several blocks of high-rise flats can be seen : on the left are Gaitstkell Grange and two blocks of Holbeck Towers, which face out onto Holbeck Moor Road, while behind the club on the right is Meynell Heights. All the flats would shortly be demolished as part of a regeneration scheme for the area.
[internal reference; 2011922_172675:LEO 5656]