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Location - Leeds & District

East Ardsley Colliery (East Ardsley)
Black & White imageUndated. View of East Ardsley Colliery, also known as Holliday's Pit, possibly taken from Moor Knoll Lane, which continues off to the left of the picture. The chimneys of Ardsley Ironworks can be seen in the background. The colliery was in operation until 1968, and the area landscaped after the colliery closed.
[internal reference; 2017810_176249:LEO 8636]
East Ardsley Colliery (Holliday's Pit) (East Ardsley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows East Ardsley Colliery, also known as Holliday's Pit. Robert Holliday & Sons started to sink two shafts here in 1872, on land leased from the Cardigan estate. A third shaft was sunk in 1877. By 1899 the colliery produced 200,000 tons annually, making it the 11th largest Yorkshire coalfield. In 1923 it was taken over by Henry Briggs, Son & Co., who ran it until nationalisation in 1947. The colliery was closed in 1968 and the site landscaped.
[internal reference; 2010101_171240:LEO 6325]