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Location - Leeds & District

Briggate junction, assembled at Low Fields Road Yard (Holbeck)
Black & White image1937. Image looks from the Corporation Depot, Low Fields Road Yard, towards Elland Road which runs across the background. Tram track for the Briggate junction has been assembled in the yard as part of a modernisation of the system. In the background, left of centre, the New Peacock Inn at number 142 Elland Road is visible. Behind it, on the opposite side of Elland Road is B. Whitaker & Sons Ltd., Brickmakers, between Hartley Street and Hoxton Mount. The gable ends of four terraced streets can be seen right of centre; Hoxton Mount, Hoxton Grove, Hoxton Terrace and Hoxton Place (at right edge). In between Low Fields Road Yard and Elland is the Holbeck Cricket Club ground.
[internal reference; 20111221_173053:LQ 388 L517/140]
Elland Road, looking South East (Beeston) (14 comments)
Black & White image12th January 1950. View looking south east on Elland Road at junction with Low Fields Road. Hoxton Place, Hoxton Grove, Hoxton Mount and Hoxton Terrace are visible. A wooden fence, a lampost and tram lines can be seen.
[internal reference; 5614:CLIC Fields 8]