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Location - Leeds & District

Aerial View, Hudson Road (Harehills) (12 comments)
Black & White image1930 Image shows aerial view of Hudson Road. On the left are terraced houses and on the right the rooftops of the Burton factory. In the background are fields.
[internal reference; 20031013_79604739:D LIC Hudson (1)]
Compton Place, numbers 2-8, looking towards the junction with Stanley Road (Harehills) (4 comments)
Black & White image17th November 1952. View looking south west down Compton Place to the junction with Stanley Road, close to where it joins Stoney Rock Lane. The wall and trees in the distance on the right are part of the cemetery. The road between the terrace of houses and factory on the left is the north-east end of Stoney Rock Lane. A large advertising hoarding for Mackeson's beer is prominent, in front of which is a bare patch of land left by the demolition of the other houses in Compton Place. Properties still standing number, from left to right, 8-2 and are built back to back with numbers 1,3 and 5. Montague Burton Ltd, wholesale clothiers and Yorkshire Dyeworks are located on Hudson Road, (behind the lamp post, off to the left). Compton Road started at the junction with Hudson Road.
[internal reference; 5482:CLIC Compton 3]
Compton Road and Hudson Road (Harehills) (3 comments)
Black & White image6th June 1939. Shops and houses on Compton Road prior to improvement. Shops have awnings up. End shops have adverts for Persil, Colemans starch, Colemans mustard, Archibald Ramsden's pianos and others not identified. A man is sitting on the edge of the road by a belisha beacon.
[internal reference; 599:CLIB Compton 2]
Hudson Mills, aerial view (Burmantofts) (14 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of the Hudson Mills factory of Montague Burton Ltd., clothiers, at one time believed to be the largest clothing factory in the world. Roads surrounding it are on the top left Hudson Road, top right Trent Road, bottom right Upper Westlock Avenue and bottom left Burton Way. Towards the bottom is Stoney Rock Lane, mostly obscured by trees in Beckett Street Cemetery. Streets on the bottom right are Westlock Avenue, Westlock Grove, Westlock Terrace, Westlock Crescent and Fraser Road on the top left are the Comptons, Sutherlands and Brown Hills and top right Torre Mount, Grove and Drive.
[internal reference; 2008528_166795:S LIB BURM 1]
Hudson Road (Harehills)
Black & White image12th February 1914. Hudson Road extension into what was to become Lupton Avenue. View of fence and wall erected to the left and fence on the right of the site.
[internal reference; 2002318_15557497:C LIC Hudson (6)]