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Location - Leeds & District

Hunslet Engine Works, staff photo (Hunslet)
Black & White image1915. Staff photo of employees at the Hunslet Engine Works. The men, all wearing suits and ties, include Harry Ingles, aged about 17, at the back left. The Hunslet Engine Company, situated on Jack Lane, was founded in 1864 and was one of the most successful, and certainly the longest-lived, of several locomotive-building firms in the area. It continued production on the site until 1995 and is still in operation, though now part of the LH Group, and based at Maple Park on Lowfields Avenue.
[internal reference; 20111110_172895:LEO 5744]
Scootacars, Hunslet Engine Works (Hunslet) (4 comments)
Black & White imagec.1960. View of Scootacars at the Hunslet Engine Works on Jack Lane. The Scootacar was developed in 1957 and was designed and constructed by the Hunslet Engine Works. There were three Scootacar designs, MK I, II, and III. Approximately 1,500 cars were produced until production ceased in 1967. The sign in the centre states ' Scootacars Ltd, Licensed Petroleum Spirit store'.
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