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Location - Leeds & District

Back Nevin Street, looking towards Goodman Street (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View looks along Back Nevin Street, sometimes spelt Neven or Nevens Street, towards an engineering works on Goodman Street. On the left edge of the view are the backs of properties on Hunslet Road. The blind backs of properties on Nevin Street run in descending order to number 3 on the right where the demolished remains of number 1 are just visible.
[internal reference; 2003117_52997988:WYAS Nevin Street (Hunslet Road) Box 192, no. 6]
Black Bull Hotel no. 91 Hunslet Road (City Centre)
Black & White image22nd June 1951. Picture shows the front view of the Black Bull Hotel on number 91 Hunslet Road. The hotel is a Magnet and John Smiths brewery and has it written on the front of the building. The Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd, is visible on the right hand side of the photo.
[internal reference; 6960:CLIN Black 1]
Black Bull Street, Hunslet Road (Hunslet)
Black & White image3rd March 1980 Black Bull Street is in the foreground, vehicles parked on waste ground belong to WASS Used Car Centre. On the right, Hunslet Road. The large factory with ornate facade is Alf Cooke's packaging works, called Crown Point Printing Works.
[internal reference; 2004728_78019351:S LIC BLAC 2]
Black Bull Street, Yorkshire Chemicals Ltd (Hunslet)
Colour image6th October 1999. View of junction of Hunslet Road and Black Bull Street. Yorkshire Chemicals Ltd can be seen on corner.
[internal reference; 2002610_84614200:MIL 42/x]
Blacksmith's Forge, Hunslet Road (Hunslet) (6 comments)
Black & White imagec1940s/early 1950s. Possibly 148 Hunslet Road, a business belonging to the Wright Brothers shoeing smiths. Two men can be seen in the entrance to the blacksmiths shop and forge. Five advertising signs are displayed on a hoarding across the building. From the left, the first one is for Guinness "Toucans in their nests agree Guinness is good for you. Open some today and see what one or Toucan do." The next one reminds us that it's "School Holidays!" and to "remember to order extra milk". The third advert is for Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, "healthful, refreshing, delicious", the Rowntrees Sunripe Jelly, "tastes like the fruit itself". Finally, on the right is an advert for Rolo - "don't go without Rolo!" The Guinness campaign could date the image to the 1940s as this was when this particular slogan was used. It was created by Benson's advertising, with artwork by John Gilroy.
[internal reference; 20021016_79568118:Historic Interest List E, E230(1)]