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Location - Leeds & District

High Street form Ivegate, postcard (Yeadon) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View of the High Street looking up from Ivegate. On the left is J. Lee & Sons, musical instrument dealers and house furnishers. At the right edge, where the group of children are standing is Fred Chippindales's boot and shoe manufacturer at number 2 High Street. A truck is parked in the High Street loaded with full sacks.
[internal reference; 2008421_166572:LEO 2868]
High Street, Yeadon (Yeadon)
Black & White imageUndated. View of the western end of High Street, Yeadon, at the junction of High Street, Town Street, Silver Lane and Ivegate, and looking west. On the far right is the premises of Robert Howard, paper merchant. Men in the street with horses and carts are posing for the camera. Smoke rises in the background, possibly from Manor Woolen Mills.
[internal reference; 2018223_176472:LEO 8860]
Ivegate (Yeadon) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Ivegate, looking from the High Street, possibly taken in the 1950s. On the left is number 2 High Street, Chippindale Shoe Shop. This was a family firm who began as clog makers; they also had a shop and factory in Guiseley which was family run until the late 1990s. The chemists shop is Timothy Whites and Taylors. The street entrance is to Devonshire Place. A Samuel Ledgards bus is in the road, with a delivery wagon parked on the right. Behind the bus two women are crossing the road, one pushing a pram.
[internal reference; 2002429_1661318:RA 2041]
Ivegate (Yeadon) (3 comments)
Black & White image1955. Taken in July 1955 property which lay between Ivegate and The Steep (Town Street). This area is now a car park, opposite the Crown public house.
[internal reference; 2002429_68230838:RA 2028]
Ivegate (Yeadon)
Black & White imageUndated. On the left, Paul Chippindale's shoe shop. The Chippindale family had begun as clog and boot makers in Yeadon. Also operated in Guiseley, until late 1990s. Moving right, chemists shop (formerly Hardmans), branch of Timothy Whites and Taylors. To the right newsagents shop on the end had been owned by the White family, Dora White married Sydney Howard, famous Yeadon comedian and musical comedy star. The shop on the right edge of the view is the Abbey Stores, Grocers. A delivery van is in the road, prams outside the chemists.
[internal reference; 2002430_62899417:RA 1991]