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Location - Leeds & District

Church Lane, The Hollies (Garforth)
Colour imageUndated. View shows The Hollies, a large house on Church Lane situated beside the junction with Station Fields. It was built and originally owned by Jabez Woolley, a local brick manufacturer, using his own bricks for the building. The Hollies is now (2010) a residential care home specialising in the care of Alzheimer's patients.
[internal reference; 2010416_170577:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY PPL89]
Jabez Woolley, brick (Garforth) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows a brick produced by Jabez Woolley, brick manufacturer, of 147 Elland Road. This brick, which has the name 'Woolley' inscribed in it, was retained when the tram depot at Swinegate was demolished. Jabez Woolley's residence was in Garforth, at The Hollies on Church Lane, a house he built himself using his own bricks.
[internal reference; 2010416_170578:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY PPL73A]
Jabez Woolley, brick manufacturer (Garforth) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Photograph of Jabez Woolley, a successful brick manufacturer who lived at The Hollies on Church Lane, a house he built using his own bricks. He was a regular railway commuter to Leeds, where his business was situated at no.147 Elland Road. As a committed Methodist he was a generous benefactor to the local chapel just along the road from The Hollies.
[internal reference; 2010416_170579:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY PPL73B]
Swinnow Lane Quarry (Swinnow)
Black & White image23rd August 1934. View of the quarry in Swinnow Lane owned by Jabez Woolley.
[internal reference; 1468:CLIB Swinnow]