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Location - Leeds & District

Jackdaw Crag (Boston Spa)
Black & White imageUndated. Picturesque beauty spot on the River Wharfe called Jackdaw Crag. The limestone crag can be approached along the south bank of the river from the foot of Thorp Arch Bridge. A seat has been thoughtfully provided for visitors to sit and admire the scenery.
[internal reference; 2006310_160895:Frith/Box1/B156/28]
Jackdaw Crag, River Wharfe (Boston Spa) (1 comment)
Black & White image1921. Limestone crags on the river Wharfe near Boston Spa known as Jackdaw Crag.
[internal reference; 2006313_160928:Frith/Box1/B156/3]
Jackdaw Crag, River Wharfe (Boston Spa)
Black & White image1921. A popular beauty spot beside the River Wharfe near Boston Spa. Jackdaw Crag, seen here on the right, is a limestone rock face approached from the foot of the bridge along the south bank of the river.
[internal reference; 2006314_160929:Frith/Box1/B156/5]
Postcard showing four views (Boston Spa)
Black & White imageUndated. Postcard showing four local beauty spots. Top left is the Spa Baths on the River Wharfe, top right is Thorp Arch Bridge, bottom left, a peaceful view of the River Wharfe, bottom right, Jackdaw Crag, accessed from the foot of the bridge along the south bank of the River.
[internal reference; 2006310_160873:Frith/Box1/B156/BNA36]